Functional and efficient, this tidy basement room is the thrumming nerve centre of the Smile Intervention Project, a global initiative of the ICOLS Department of Global Nostalgia, and the personal life's work of Angus Trumble, its Master of the Rolls.
Pigeon holes and numerous telephone lines, together with orderly arrangements for the study, analysis and filing of reports and other data may be seen at the work stations in the foreground.
A wall-to-ceiling map of the world may be seen on the rear wall to which are pinned pertinent news bulletins and memoranda.
On a recent visit the Director-General of UNESCO commended the work of the unit. "We at UNESCO salute ICOLS for their vision and integrity," she said. "In the post-September 11 environment the Smile Intervention Project has awesome potential for extending programs in cross-cultural cohesion to the entire Central Asian Region.



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