William Crawford Urban Bear Hunter AUS

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Er hum, yes, I mean, I think tomorrow, yes tomorow, it will be possible, if I can get off this stool and catch a .....er, um, yes, I know, I had one too many bear juices tonight, er, er, hold on, let me turn the M box on, I forgot to record my favourite bear hunting tune, it goes kind of like this, if I can remember it right ,.....


A hunting I shall go
Alone through the cold jungle
Coles the jungle
the icecream bears and sticky toffee
on through a carnivore of
tasteless harnesses
contriving to abstain
from the hunt
from the wane
of life's pain

Hotter than a Springfield
nuclear disaster
in the splattered ecto-gasm
I run amok, awol, AKA "Me big bear"
L'Urs to local froglife, forestponds
up a birch tree, aspirinfull easing off
come and get me
in my camping rug
in my Wald-Heimat cups

brimful of neolithic bearjuice
Am I the hunter or the hunted?

more later folks!