Jacqueline Millner Aesthetic Arbitrator AUS  


The Beauty Archive

A collection of subjective impressions on the subject of Beauty



  1. What are the three most beautiful things you have ever seen?
  2. What do you feel when you see something beautiful?
  3. How does experiencing something beautiful change the way you think?
  4. Is beauty more powerful as a visual or aural experience?
  5. What artworks do you find beautiful?
  6. Is beauty something you seek in the experience of art?
  7. If you are an artist, how do you respond when someone calls your work beautiful?
  8. Do you believe an artistic sensibility heightens one’s response to beauty?
  9. Can beauty survive its tarnished reputation at the hands of eugenicists and celebrity commercialism?
  10. What single phenomenon epitomises beauty for you?



Visual Archive

Sound Archive


To be developed according to contributions from participants….