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Extract from Genetics Online 4th June 2002

Scientists at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene were shocked to discover the second known case of Iconic Assimilation Syndrome (IAS) when they discovered that one of the chromosomes taken from a 7 year old female human subject was in fact a silhouette of Mickey Mouse. IAS or Kyoto Syndrome was first discovered by Japanese scientists in 1998 working on chromosome karyotyping at Kyoto University. The chromosome in question was found to perfectly match the Macdonalds 'M' logo.
Speculation as to how visual icons are being assimilated into genetic material range from the genetic modification of foodstuffs to low level massively repeating pattern recognition in the visual cortex of parents. With only 2 reported cases, the theories remain highly speculative.
Whilst company lawyers investigate legal issues in regards ownership of the discovered chromosomes and issues of copyright and use of company trademarked properties, there are unconfirmed reports of a department of health / FDA investigation.

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