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report from future

noodle nut man reconfiguration


in the never ceasing present there remains a memory of a future projection…however this projection if fragmented via an inflection of the past…this inflection is a reconfigured communication with an M-body that was re-living its own future, which in the present dimension can only be interpreted thus:::

noodle nut man was experiencing a moment split in infinite places and times,, when a finitely split mr san man was exhibiting opposite repellent behaviours. The moment multiplied in impacts…and through an outside force ---- having a sometimes positive compliance towards mr san man,,, and an always positive compliance to noodle nut man --- the moment would occur again and again for him.

noodle nut man could only experience surety of freedom in-between the occurrences,,, or when he focused on the differences of the opposite repellents of each moment.

Sfodamong is not clear whether the moment of the experience has ceased, but is certain that the memory of it has ended.

Before sfodamong can clearly connect with the future to capture a projection, it must eradicate future inflections of the past by reconfiguring mr gra and mr san can.


Outside forces can free noodle nut man only through indifference to mr san man.

However indifference to noodle nut man may cause noodle nut man’s loss of his surety of freedom.