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Subject: response to missive

The SpaceTime Continuum Log: relationships with departments


Time indefinite

Department of Future Projections [DOFP]

Dear Directors

we are sorry to interfere with your moment off the time-line, but we have received an important communique from one of our trainee researchers (Gamete).

Gamete was left to interpret a missive sent from the Department of Dislocated Memory - the NORWAY section . Gamete is progressing through the necessary data . we would like to send the response back to the DODM.



Extending the contribution made in the Beta-Technicalities is The Problem of Matter. In this section,[an employee in the DOFP] discussed the relation between two of the fundamental physical forces in the universe - gravity and electromagnetism. It was noted that if one were to construct a ratio between the strength of an electron's electromagnetic force and the strength of the gravitational force of it mass - using the appropriate fundamental constant c [velocity of light in a vacuum], e [the fundamental electric charge], and G [Newton's gravitational constant], arranged mathematically so that both force strengths are measured in units of length [radius] - one ends with a PURE number [that is, a number without dimensions such as kilograms, meters, or seconds, because like dimensions in the ratio cancel out] whose value is of the order of magnitude 10[40] is again obtained. Both of these claims are correct. In the case of the first ratio, it exploits the extreme weakness of gravity relative to electromagnetism. In the case of the second ratio, it was not obvious what important to place on it. I mention it because of the striking probability that the two ratios of cosmological importance should converge on the same huge dimensionless number - which explains how a quasi-physical Being could pass through the gate and exist in a past-future non-locality state. I will report further on this phenomenon.


Department of Future Projections [DOFP]



According to the second-order integro-differential equation of motion the gate-way is closing, this is effecting the non-locality spacetime continuum. The department needs further instructions of how to deal this critical third-order phase. Do you recommend renormalizing the external force to equal zero? We certainly have a runaway solution - violating the asymptotic condition of vanishing speed at infinity - it will implore - waiting for further instruction - following second-order integro-differential of motion - a non-local motion - message interpted - Gamete


Department of Future Projections [DOFP]