alien - scientist - presence

report from future

in the branch of the department of future projections in epsilon in the most improbable event horizon section of space,

the sfodamong developed the capacity for astroprojecting brain alpha and gamma waves (including transmitters norepinephrine and serotonin in wave-particle format) into the future;

to fulfil its to-do list research

however, the sfodamong came upon a Catastrophe - an area of tension in M-space (because the properties of M-space are not completely understood M stands for "mystery", "magic" or "membrane" - take your pick)

AN entanglement occurred.

sfodamong did lose the ability to return back to epsilon - and when finally what was lost was found again;

‘theory-creation’ was somewhat *parallel universed*

there was something in M-space that was very UNusual,

sfodamong had never encountered this before.

it was not the U-usual ‘concept particles’ of the past, but >something mutated>something evolved>something entangles with >‘something else‘. entangled with > other astroprojecting beta wave, dopamine wave-particles of other dimensional future-presents.

dimensions that were quite =open= and not tinted with the paradigm-constructions of the world.

there were many of these ‘somethings’ there. sfodmaong tried to feed them ‘applications of theory’.

but only 4 were allowed to be reconfigured into ‘non-epistemological research‘.

sfodamong is still negotiating with the 'others'.

these 4 M-bodies that were allowed reconfiguration are;

Mr doo doo

mr san man



bill coronica

communications that are ongoing are with

mr gra

mr san can


noodle nut man

sfodamong has sent the necessary new forms of net activity to capture M-space into the 4th dimension and to progress further into the unreal reality of false truth. Getting further and further closer to the left question.

hope structures are being lost in the corporation.


1 - these M-bodies may advance into fiends - this is what the property of the 4th dimensions will tend to do

2 - the longer mr san man and bill coronica struggle to take mr doo doo to noman, the more mr doo doo resists


3 - over time, san man tends travel quicker and further to where he is going - perturbations will help his quest

4 - when noman is rubbed the right way, his numerous appearances will get stronger - noman knows why.

5 - bill coronica will tend to merge with his other scattered identities - he needs an outside force to click in space to occupy him.