Maria Miranda
(aka Professore Rumore)
and Norie Neumark
(aka Doktor Rumour)
Rumourologists and
Chief Investigators
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Strategic Research Centre for the Study of Rumour

Rumours are nothing new. From time immemorial they have been mankind's constant companion. From the very first whisper rumour has been a major form of communication. And it is rumour that lies behind some of mankind’s greatest discoveries, the unacknowledged catalyst for some pretty major inventions like the wheel for instance. This nifty idea was first a rumour before it was actualised.

However, the importance of rumour has not always been appreciated in the Halls of the Academy, and in fact has gone completely unnoticed by the scientific and philosophic communities.

There is now an urgent need to redress this oversight.

What is Rumourology?
Rumourology is a complex multi/inter/poly disciplinary science which is an enquiry into the ontological and phenomenological aspects of rumour.
• What is the nature of a rumour?
• How is it perceived?
• Is it a meme, a germ, a virus or an unidentified waveform?
• How is it spread?
• Is it contagious, infectious, or merely promiscuous?

These are some of the urgent questions that it is the mission of the SRCSR to address.

To pursue these questions S R C S R has set up six highly specialised Laboratories. Each Laboratory is equipped with the latest scientific, technological and philosophic instruments. A series of investigations are already underway.