PB & SS Hawai'i June 2001
Pam Brown & Susan Schultz
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Amnesiac recoveries

Part Two:

it’s all about oil

cars park anywhere

well, people park cars

anywhere here

no car here has a

No War on Iraq


or anything like it


he says Alex’s his "sister"; his mom’s "him" (like dad),

and who’s to say not in this not quite transgendered state

of Transylvania, where "US plans to invade Libya and Syria"

(Evening Standard, 20 November 2002) and the button seller

tells me Annan and anon argue definitions of "breach".

Mine reads "Bush World Bombing Tour 2002"; Bryant pulls

down (2 for the price of 13/4 merits further choice) "Give Me

Beer". Politics of pronouns : gay Arabic translators barred

from military service, while this day’s cartoon shows

an inspector’s eyes averted from saddam’s open trousers,

agent either of mass destruction or the mother of all dicks;

Mr. Blix has blinked — it’s time to send in smart bombs

(sexless) whose agency is a push-button pad. Mr. Bush

detests cell phones, which interrupt his fantasy of

coitus betwixt Tommy Hawk and Daisy Cutter,

their sex a stain upon the desert floor:

spreads like oil, don’t it ?


last century ended

after frightening

almost everyone

with various versions

of totalitarianism,

too much to be ashamed of


as I write..... as you read

the USA

is bombing

____ ______ _____

(please fill in the blank spaces)

some of the same


this century


Aftermath tours, inc.

Tour the world we've bombed, from Dresden to Bagram, Hiroshima to Belgrade.

Spend quiet moments at the last century's shrines, its well-managed ruins, the places none can bear to build over.

Tour members have free time in which to wander neighborhoods untouched by force (air force).

Sidetrips to baseball games (Japan), ceramics outlets (Germany), and to hear children sing patriotic songs (Iraq, if available).

On return, visit factories in Oklahoma and the American south where the bombs are made, Tomahawks fashioned, Patriot missiles designed.

Each participant gets an Aftermath Tours teeshirt and guidebook.

The cost of the trip does not include airfare.

Celebrity guides: Henry Kissinger (Hanoi) and Norman Schwartzkopf (Baghdad).

We employ guides with first hand knowledge of bombardment and the English language.




war on turrurrism cramped

by cost bungling

cost cuts to vital weapons programs

and border control demands

war on turrurr setback


we rally for peace

we play with the kids

the armada heads for the gulf

Pam Brown & Susan M. Schultz

January 2003