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Subject: A Week in the Life of: Part 1 & 2
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:07:34 -0500
From: Pat Naldi <>



Stephanie's suspicions look set to put the kibosh on the wedding plans as tensions reach an all-time high in the Benedict household - and Anna's input does nothing to reassure her.
Peter tries to get inside information about John from Elaine, and Janet opens up to Stuart about Trevor, while Carol and Gordon come close to blows - much to Richard's delight.
Tom confronts Little Liz when he realises she has been lying to him again, and Stephanie cries on Felix's shoulder after another failed attempt at a hen night.
As the wedding day dawns, Stephanie cannot decide if Paul is the right man for her. Meanwhile, Peter arranges a sneaky meeting with Elaine.
As Paul waits nervously at the register office, Stephanie makes a life changing decision, and Little Liz comes under fire from the rest of the family for not making an appearance at the wedding.



Stephen and Chantal babysit for Tim and Louise to give them a night off, but an attempt to get some peace and quiet from baby Helen's constant crying results in a near tragedy.
Meanwhile, Anna searches for Marion, unaware that she has been taken in by a woman called Kate.
Louise and Tim await news from the hospital when they discover Helen could be seriously ill, leaving the doting mother guilt-ridden for not telling Stephen the truth.
Stephen suspects there is more to Chantal's grief than meets the eye, while Louise and Tim keep an a gonising vigil at Helen's bedside.
Elsewhere, emotions run high as the opening night of the pantomime approaches and the cast round on the director, while Ann cannot bring herself to talk to Denise about her suspicions over Peter and Elaine.
An hysterical Louise decides to come clean to Stephen about Helen's paternity, and Chantal lets slip a devastating secret.