ZoŽ Reiter
Director of Transportation

offline office

Project in development:Computer terminals set up in central train stations in Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, New Delhi, Mexico and NY.

Passengers waiting for the train can stand at the computer, and, with their permission, being captured on video for any other computer surfers in this alternate closed network.

Passengers can choose, with the help of installed translation software, to chat with one or more ≥fellow≤ passengers at computers in different cities.

The idea is to generate new pathways of international dialogue among mass transit riders worldwide (as opposed to usual on-line chatting which stems from searching for what you are looking for, or other contemporary forms of dialogue that bring together the like-minded or people from similar social groups).

Participating passengers would be asked if they would submit anonymous files of the cross-transitory dialogue for use in a subsequent installation projecting text excerpts into other public spaces.